Outside The Box

The Coast | Series 1

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Outside the Box is a lifestyle documentary series of six episodes, that was a collaborative project with award winning photographer, Hannah Couzens. I was initially approached by Hannah to film photographic tutorials. However, after discussions regarding how this should be shot, it became evident that this needed to be done in a new way in order to differentiate the series from a competitive market. Hannah was keen to maintain a taught content focus but was happy to try this in a new way. Cornwall was chosen as the perfect location to shot a visually stunning series to encourage photographers young and old, new and experienced to grab a camera and take a shot.

During post production, my focus was to keep design at the heart of the series. I wanted to develop a simple graphic language that aided understanding and added uniqueness to the viewing experience. In post production, I wanted to ensure viewers had the opportunity to develop their learning from a combination of film, stills, voice over, motion graphics, all working in harmony to enhance the learning experience. Outside the Box is a new and fresh approach to using film in the transfer of knowledge.

Episode One | A new camera, JPEG VS RAW
Hannah unboxes a new camera and unravels the mystery behind new technology by comparing it’s similarities to more simple cameras of the past. She explains the evolution of how your image is captured, from the darkroom to digital and what this means when developing your images.

Episode Two | Aperture, Depth of field
Poppy cottage garden is our setting while Hannah explains how to add a new dimension to your photos using depth of field. Professional horticulturist Tina invites us into her award winning garden where Hannah demonstrates how to isolate focus and blur the background to draw attention to one particular flower.

Episode Three | Shutter Speed
From surfers to sunsets Hannah shows how to capture motion be it fast or slow. The ocean is our subject as Hannah demonstrates how to create completely different shots by alternating shutter speed. Professional surfer Jamie challenges us to capture his rapid movements and freeze every drop of water. By contrast, at sunset Hannah demonstrates how to turn the crashing waves into a silky smooth seascape using a slow shutter speed.

Episode Four | ISO & White Balance
It’s all in the balance. Starting the day in a cosy, warmly lit Cornish pub followed by a photoshoot at sunset and ending with a flickering beach fire, Hannah illustrates how the colour of light varies throughout the day and what that means for your camera and it’s ability to cope in low light conditions.

Episode Five | Lenses
Wide angle, telephoto, prime or zoom? What do these mean and how do you choose?
A beautiful offshore lighthouse is our subject as Hannah illustrates the different styles of shots which can be achieved from a close up view to wide angle landscape simply by changing her lens. Hannah will explain the options and help you figure out what lens is best for you and your needs.

Episode Six | Composition, Focus Points
The love of the sea and fishing radiates through the eyes of Cornish fisherman, Malcolm. Hannah captures this gaze by using her skills in composition to produce iconic images of Malcolm and harbour life. Hannah helps you to start to think like a photographer and fine tune your images making sure they are always sharp and perfectly composed.