Over the years, we’ve found the Why? and How? of any endeavour, are the most important questions our clients face. Minikinmedia’s creative consultancy begins by guiding our clients through the Why? and suggesting different and sometimes unexpected options through lateral concept design. The How? can then be solved by our ample experience in content delivery.

Lateral Concept Design

Lateral, never literal ideas always deliver the best concept design. Minikinmedia’s brainstorming process is very distant from the obvious. By removing any generic, or stock approach, and setting a few limitations, our concept design reaches that simple yet clever solution.

Award Winning Branding

Minikinmedia has in-depth knowledge of brand creation and brand licensing. We have been creators, developers, and protectors of ‘the brand’ within the property, retail, healthcare, and legal markets.  We have worked for companies such as Disney, Fox, ING Real Estate, Motorola, Novartis, Rayden Solicitors, and Tesco.


We have a wealth of experience in corporate communications for the NA, LATAM, APAC, and EMEA markets. Minikinmedia produces effective content based on an understanding of the different cultural requirements of each region. 


Training that is new, engaging, and exciting for the user, is one of the cornerstones of Minikinmedia’s Learning & Development expertise. We apply user-friendly formats, that aren’t normally available within digital training, giving L&D environments a fresh approach to informing and retaining associates. Our training apps are effective in content, compact in size, seamlessly integrated, and securely delivered.

Video Development

We specialise in production and post-production, from concept, script development, storyboarding, photography, and post.


– Animation

– Corporate Communications

– L&D

– Role Play

– Documentary

– Product Demos

– Medical Devices Tutorials

– Music Concerts and Videos