Rayden Solicitors Award Winning Silver Lining Campaign

The Law Society Excellence in Marketing and Communications.

Rayden Solicitors stood out for their consistent use of a creative idea, which the judges felt showed a fun side to the firm and the law. 

The Law Society

The Silver Lining Campaign is a simple yet elegant re-brand solution to the established Specialist Family Law firm Rayden solicitors. The campaign solved the initial challenge, to evolve an established brand without departing from its recognisable graphic look.

Inspired by an extract of John Milton’s Silver Lining poem, The Silver Lining Campaign focuses on: ‘A silver lining with every dark cloud’. This initial message, together with Rayden’s minimalist penguins, provides a unique non-gender specific, fun, and consistent creative solution to delivering relatable Family Law messages to Rayden’s clients. A new approach to Family Law communications.

To view the campaign in situ visit the following link, https://raydensolicitors.co.uk/