Image-making retreats, come and join the conversation

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Image-making conversations

Image-making which seeks the unexpected, what hasn’t been seen yet, an instant in time that will take you back. What you have discovered, what you have explored, what you have allowed you curiosity to drag you kicking and screaming into somewhere you never though you would go! Discover within yourself  your own image-making capabilities and strengths.

The MayaSol project is intended as a series of specialised five star photographic, private retreats, based in Antigua Guatemala and Lake Atitlán. Each retreat based on six days, lead by award winning British photographer Andrew McArthur and tailored around a conversation of the WHY of image-making. Each is supported by our team of native Guatemalans, introducing visitors to the private (secret) Antigua and Atitlán that tourists don’t have access to.

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